Denver Derby – Part 2



To add to his mystery, this gentleman walked away without saying his name. Since he was brief, we will be too. This is a good look. Period. 

Krista Selznick


When we approached Krista to compliment her on her sky-scraping hat, she was quick to credit her friend (Emily Vera) for the design. Krista’s hat was a standout because the accents gave it height without making it heavy. The black, pink, and lime green combination is bold and was not a color combination we saw a lot of. She also made the right choice by picking a sleek black dress and letting the hat do all the talking. 

Brian Mufflim


Plaid was everywhere on Saturday, but few people paired plaid on plaid without hurting our eyes. The reason Brian pulls it off is that he picked a loud print with soft colors. He also ties (what should be a nonsensical combination) together by adding a lapel to compliment the bow tie and a pocket square to compliment the jacket and shirt. It came as no surprise when Brian told us he works closely with a designer in Chicago named j.tor who specializes in custom clothing. 

Zane Hicken


Listen, it’s tough trying to stand out at the Derby Party. One woman had a bird cage with live birds… on her head (mad props, by the way, if we see that on the runway this season, we know who to thank). Zane stuck out because he was the only male we saw wearing shorts, and he rocked them. It was clear he was not just out to dress for the theme, but his personality too. Well done, Zane!



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