Denver Derby

Where were you last Saturday? If it wasn’t the Denver Derby Party, then you missed out on a day filled with fun, philanthropy, and of course… fashion. Scouting for Denver’s Best Dressed is simple when hats, lace, seersucker, and ascots are nothing short of a necessity for this lavish event. We found so many fashionistas, in fact, that one post will not do them justice. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Denver Derby Part 2

Bridget Meyers

Derby - Bridget Meyers


We love Bridget’s hat. It caught our eye from across the room. She said she was drawn to it because it could “have its own time zone”, but we loved it for the detail. It took up a lot of space without being too bulky and the netting over her eyes gave her a look of mystery. Not to mention, anyone who dares to pair pink and orange deserves some credit!

Stephen Guillot and Janine Fisher

Derby - Stephen Guillot and Janine Fisher


Drum roll, please… the best dressed couple is hands down Stephen Guillot and Janine Fisher. It is hard enough to come up with one stunning outfit, but this couple got ready for two. Even sweeter than their combination is the story behind Janine’s hat. Stephen was proud to tell us how he “had the hat made custom for her in Chicago”. She looked like the modern day Grace Kelly and Stephen’s suit jacket, live rose lapel, and chivalry made him the perfect prince.

Catherine Frank

Derby - Catherine Frank

We always preach simplicity and Catherine exemplifies why. Her white dress was so tailored that if it had been a print, the “wow” factor might have been lost. Made by a Paris designer, Catherine’s dress laid perfectly on her body and the deep-v detail was the ideal harmony of sex appeal and class.

Taylor Durham

Derby - Taylor Durham

Let Taylor stand as a testament to “clothes making the man”. We spotted Taylor from across the party and by the time we tapped him on the shoulder, we were shocked to discover that we already know him! We were so blinded by his dapper-drenched appeal that we had to come face-to-face with him to realize we are already well acquainted with one of Denver’s Best Dressed.





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